Rather than selling your overseas home.............why not exchange?

Here at The-Viewing we are committed to ensuring that property sellers are aware of all options available to them. Whilst simply selling your overseas home to a private buyer or company is the route that most of us follow, there are however now other options...

So allow us to tell you about Idoneus (IDON). The exchange program which provides an opportunity for owners of real estate (or other assets, such as yachts, aircraft, art, precious gemstones, etc.) to trade out of their current holding that they no longer wish to own and instead exchange for IDON tokens. With Idoneus, one has access to a wide range of luxury access from yachts and private villas, to fine watches and unique jewelry. This is an all new market place for luxury goods.  

In order to participate in the Idoneus portfolio, you will need to have your real estate asset assessed to determine if it meets the needed parameters. If it does, then Idoneus may make an offer to acquire your property at full value.

With the Idoneus platform, you can own and access luxury goods with an unprecedented level of flexibility. Using the IDON cryptocurrency, you can acquire full ownership or fractional memberships for use of luxury assets AND access those assets for use as long as you choose to retain your position. Memberships are also fully transferrable and inheritable at anytime.


If you are undecided whether you want to sell or not, this could be a strong option for your consideration. Whilst you would sell your home to Idoneus, your acquired tokens would allow you to receive full ownership or partial memberships in other luxury villas around the world as well as other luxury assets. Maybe you are bored of your Provencal home but would enjoy a ski chalet, city apartment or Caribbean villa. IDON token holders can move in and out of asset memberships across the world. Memberships allow users to access to properties into perpetuity. You will have full control to choose the amount of ownership or access you desire as a member in any given asset portfolio. 

Want to know more? Please email or call Blaise Carroz at Idoneus for a personal introduction to the possibilities. 

Contact: Blaise Carroz

Email: blaise@idoneus.io 

Web:  www.idoneus.io

Tell: +33 (0) 6 64 12 26 42