Want to purchase a luxury overseas home and achieve excellent rental income? Here is how...

You have started your search to buy a fabulous luxury holiday villa and you want to generate rental income. Here are tips from The Viewing for finding a villa to achieve five star reviews and impressive annual returns.

Ensuite Bedrooms yes that’s right the days of the ‘family bathroom’ are numbered for luxury holiday homes. Rental guests, even if they are all family, want their own bathroom. Ideally the bathroom should lead directly off the bedroom and not across the corridor and if you want to be sure to secure the maximum possible number of bookings per season a separate bath tub and large walk-in shower are winners.

Walk-in closets – you may be surprised to know that though the walk-in closet is a key feature of your first home, when it comes to a holiday home used for rentals guests are not fussed if you only provide them with a freestanding wardrobe. Hanging a few clothes is helpful but you would be surprised to know that many guests live out of their suitcases for much of their holiday……after all who wants to spend those precious ‘pool’ moments hanging and neatly folding?!

Alfresco dining – breakfast, lunchtime and dinner….rental guests want to dine alfresco every meal when on holiday so making sure that you have a fabulous dining area is essential. And to make it the villa to get those repeat bookings and tip top reviews if there can be a beautiful to gaze at from your sumptuous dish of paella all the better. Practicalities to consider too are proximity to the kitchen, the closer the better when carrying those giant bowls of salad and make sure there is sufficient shade, you’d be surprised how burnt you can get through vines!

Proximity to restaurants and services – opting to rent a self catering villa for a week doesn’t necessarily mean guests actually want to ‘self cater’ all week. Being able to suggest a good number of restaurants – be they simple eateries or Michelin star restaurants – within 10 to 15 minutes of the property will be well received.

The airport transfer – don’t worry we are not going to suggest you need to buy a property directly under the flight path of an international airport. Thankfully there is a general understanding from ental guests that they are going to need to spend at least 40 minutes in the car to reach their holiday destination. But once the travel time exceeds 1 hour 30 minutes they may start to complain.

The ‘summer kitchen’ – those lazy days around the pool need to be precisely that, so even that short stroll to the villa for a cold beer is too far so installing a summer kitchen to have the essentials at hand is always appreciated. The essentials being, fridge, a sink and an ice machine.

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