How to get the property photoshoot right

If you own a second home and you are intent on selling, to maximise on your marketing,  never underestimate the importance of great photography. 

In a time and age when all research for second homes is done via the internet, you need to make sure that your property visually stands out alongside all the other properties listed. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to get the property photo shoot right! And, remember it is always, always worth getting a professional photographer to take the photos for you. 

•    Interior Images: every image should show the floor, ceiling and at least two walls. At least one window if not two, within each image will give good impact and composition. By using a professional photographer, a wide angle lens will show clearly the room dimensions. 

•    General Cleaning: make sure the house is spic and span, windows clean, surfaces sparkling.

•    De-Clutter: Clear surfaces, less is more, put away small ornaments and lots of fussy cushions to create a feeling of space. If there are children’s bedrooms and play rooms, hide away those toys and make the spaces look as sophisticated as possible. 

•    Lay the Tables: In the dining room and/or on the al fresco dining area, lay the table with proper place settings, even a bottle of wine and bowl of fruit. 

•    Crisp White Linen: Make sure all the bedrooms have neutral bedding and covers. No floral cushion or chintzy bed spreads. Clear the bedside tables and other surfaces and replace with a magazine or some hardback art/design books.

•    Line up the Sunbeds: It may be a little ‘fresh’ to sunbathe around the pool in late October but there is no reason why the photos can’t make it look hot and inviting. Line up the sunbeds, make everything look ordered, perhaps place a tray of chilled drinks on the table and drape a couple of plain coloured towels over the sunbeds. A photo of the pool and view with a drinks in the foreground makes a great snap! 

•    Mow the Lawn: Make sure the lawn, borders and flower beds are looking at their best. Its worth getting the gardener in for a morning to ensure the garden looks wonderful – remember that overseas homes are bought as much for outdoor living as for the interior accommodation. 

•    Your Favourites Corners for Enjoying the Views: Direct the photographer to those verandas and seating areas which catch the sun and frame the view so he/she can capture what you know makes the property and its location so special. 

•    Find a Photographer with a Drone: getting some aerial photos to show how the property sits within the landscape, its proximity to other property and the expanses of the view will really impress prospective buyers. 

It is worth remembering that keeping a stock of extra images, those that you do not upload to the web, is a vital tool for sharing with prospective buyers when you are trying to ‘hook’ their interest and book that all important viewing. 

The moral of this blog is that……… photos sell houses! So an investment of a few hundred euros is well worth it and after all, by listing on you will be saving thousands in agency commission. 

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