What type of property owner are you?

With endless estate agencies selling luxury overseas homes, why did we create The Viewing? Prior to establishing The Viewing, our team worked for over a decade at luxury real estate agencies marketing stunning overseas homes to buyers from all over around the globe. Brokering the sales of beautiful homes was our day-to-day work, dealing with wealthy buyers and sellers......it paid well........so why break the mould?

Let us explain. Our experience of speaking each day with property owners made it apparent that for many owners they wanted more control. More control over the process of finding a buyer for their property and more control and involvement in the negotiation and eventual sale of their property. Let us describe to you the typical property owner of a luxury overseas home so you can understand why an alternative way of selling their home is welcomed. Our typical property owner tends to be a successful business executive or entrepreneur/business owner, well travelled, owner of a portfolio of assets and someone who is used to driving business and handling negotiations on a day to day basis as part of their professional life. It is this sort of owner who has no qualms about taking on his/her own negotiations to sell their overseas home and these guys also have an in-depth understanding of the power and reach of online and print marketing. No, they don't want to roll their sleeves up doing the day-to-day admin of marketing their property and filtering enquiries but they do want to define the terms of their eventual sale themselves. 

So here at The Viewing we do the legwork that these vendors don't have the time for - when you list you are appointed your own property consultant to coordinate the following - reviewing current online listings, identifying nationalities and behaviours of active buyers, curating new listings, critiquing photos, editing photos, managing portals listings, producing brochures, managing social media promotions and campaign, booking advertising. Yes we have it all covered. We will even qualify the buyer leads as they come in to differentiate those really 'hot' leads from those buyers at the very beginning of the search wh haven't yet decide on France or Italy, or Portugal or Spain (!) or those with finance not yet agreed. So the vendors are freed up and fired up to do what they do best - showing prospective buyers around their stunning villa or chalet and handling the ins and outs of the sale negotiation.

Allow us to explain a little more as to why it is our belief at The Viewing that there is no one better to conduct viewings of a property than the owner himself/herself.  It is only the property owner who can convey the wonderful lifestyle a luxury overseas home can give you by pointing out the best spot in the garden for sipping sun-downers, the bedroom to choose for the best sunrise views, the best local restaurants as well as that essential knowledge such as introductions to loyal housekeeping and maintenance staff and where to buy groceries. Here at The Viewing we say.... 'No one knows your home like you, so why should any one sell your overseas home but you.'

The Viewing was established to provide a bespoke, high quality service to meet the needs of this type of property owner. What type of property owner are you? What are you waiting for? Take control and list on The Viewing today. CLICK HERE.