'A typical day in Umbria'. Read how the owners of a rural Italian home have a perfect way of life.

Here at The Viewing we believe that no one knows your home like you so why should anyone but you sell your overseas home. This guest blog illustrates why the knowledge of a property owner of his / her house, its location and the way of life it brings is what prospective buyers want to hear. 

"Living in the countryside we opt to eat our breakfast at home alfresco on the east side of our traditional rural Umbrian home, under the vine or in the olive grove, watching the hares and occasionally a shy deer daintily stepping through  the adjacent wood.

On other days when we need to head into nearby Citta’ della Pieve to pick up some provision we decide to decide to breakfast in town at a cafe, bar or bakery. A morning shot of espresso and 'cornetto' (not ice-cream but a croissant) rubbing shoulders with men in suits and workers in overalls, sharing the newspapers provided by the venue and buying scratch cards before they go to work. On these days we feel truly part of the local Italian way of life.

On return home, with bags filled with fresh local vegetables, we done our gardening clothes. Weeding and keeping the meadow grass in check is the morning’s work regime, hardly an ordeal as we take plenty of opportunities to stand and stare at the glorious views over the hillside as we work along the terraces.

Lunch is another outside affair but this time with friends who arrive with bottles of chilled prosecco and lots of news and gossip. We eat on the west side under the pergola, the BBQ has been smouldering for 2 hours and is now perfect to cook the pork, chicken and salsa ingredients on. Lots of green salads, bowls of olives, cubes of different cheeses, slices of cured meats, all local, along with huge bowl of ice with the glasses chilling at one end of the table and plates etc at the other. It's a relaxed meal and we linger with a few opting to swim before and after the meal, drying in the sunlight naturally.

Waving our guests off we decide that after clearing up and watering the potted plants we will take up the offer of one of our friends and join them at a local recital at the old palace, now library, put on by the municipality and local music school. We love the spontaneity of life here, no need to make plans in advance, everyone is always welcome.

As we are heading into the charming centre of Citta’ della Pieve with its cobbled streets and majestic churches and palaces of the main square, we change into smart clothes for the ‘passegiata’, it doesn't do to look shabby in public here, the Italian's have a 'face' that has to be maintained and paraded in the summer evenings, to be seen and smart is the done thing and we don't want to be lacking. We arrive early for parking nearby and take the opportunity to have an ice cream from our favourite artisan gelateria on the way to the event. It is going to be well attended judging by the masses loitering near the cathedral waiting for the doors to open, its slightly late doing so but no-one minds. The concert and recital in several languages is well received and the applause is thunderous.

After the performance before we head home and the day to end we indulge in one last treat, another favourite part of our life here in Umbria….a caffe corretto, one with grappa the other with brandy sitting on the main piazza watching families meandering through the town on this hot balmy evening." 

With thanks to Michael and Marguerite down in Umbria. If you'd like to know more about their home in Umbria which is for sale please CLICK HERE