Why spend Christmas at your holiday home?

We all tend to think of our holiday homes as summer retreats, choosing to spend Christmas at home closer to family and friends. Christmas can however be a whole lot more fun and relaxing if you head to your second home. Here are five reasons why.

1. Dry Turkey yet again?! Staying at your overseas home over Christmas gives you the opportunity to find out what the locals eat at Christmas and indulges in their specialties. Think succulent pork Zampone in Italy, caviar, foie gras and lobster in France and gooey sweet nougat and traditional mantecados biscuits in Spain. Yum! And that’s before we even mention the preferred tipples for each country.

2. More sunshine. Whether your home is in the Caribbean or Far East where you will be basking in 30 degree heat, zooming down the Alps on skis or if you own a southern European home you can be sure to lap up a few more rays of sunshine and vitamin D than staying in grey old Blighty or snowy NYC.

3. Sick of socks and CDs? Christmas shopping is a whole lot more pleasurable when you are overseas. Make sure you arrive a few days prior to Christmas to enjoy mooching around those charming markets, cobbled streets and beautifully lit-up arcades. All your friends and family will be delighted with their artisan gifts!

4. A slower pace of life. Spending Christmas at your holiday home will remind you precisely why owning a second home ‘away from it all’ is an unparalleled experience. Detach yourself from the mayhem of shopping on Oxford Street and the endless Christmas parties to relax into what the holiday season is all about. Peace and tranquility giving you plenty of head space.

5. A breath of fresh air. Thanks to most holiday homes being designed around the principle of ‘outdoor living’, whilst spending the Christmas period at one’s holiday home one can enjoy a gentle stroll to appreciate the scenery, a jog along the beach, a family tennis match, a game of petanque or simply reading with a blanket over one’s shoulders. For those with unheated pools perhaps it will be a little chilly for a dip but there’ll be no excuses for not filling one’s lungs with fresh air.  

Don’t already own a holiday home? Start your search with us today to find your dream home so you are ready to enjoy it next summer as well as next Christmas. Contact vendors directly 24/7 over the Christmas period.