All your questions answered


What services does The Viewing offer?

We offer marketing services of high quality and global reach so sellers can take control of the marketing reach when trying to sell their overseas home. Services such as - online property listing, UK and international property portals, digital and print brochures of your property, social media and search engine exposure and print advertising in leading newspapers.

Whether you wish to use The Viewing for marketing your international luxury property or for searching for the perfect property to invest in, we can provide you the reach that you are looking for.

What makes a property a luxury property?

… can be an apartment or a standalone house…
… can be in immaculate condition or needing renovation work…
… can be worth 10m euros or 600k euros…

BUT it needs to be a cut above the rest.

In what ways is The Viewing international?

  • we market properties located around the world
  • we market properties to the world

What The Viewing will tell you about the property

In addition to all the basic information such as floor area and number of bedrooms, The Viewing gives you that bit more – the key features of the property, the vendor’s tips – its good to know how you are going feel sitting on the terrace a summer’s day. Information that only the vendor truly knows – on the vendor will share that information with you.

Locations of properties listed on The Viewing

Our website advertises luxury second homes around the globe. Often these properties are not always inhabited year-round and for this reason our vendors prefer that the precise locations of their properties are not publicised. Our website does however provide area information including landscape types, the vendor’s personal tips and recommendations regarding the surrounding area and distances to key locations in the vicinity. 

How to find out more about the location, the property itself and book a viewing?

Simply click, Ask the Vendor or Book a Viewing to communicate directly with the vendor and learn more about the property. The vendor will be ready to respond to all your questions, providing additional information such as floor plans, energy certificates, the precise location and much more.

Who conducts the viewings?

Look around the property guided by the vendor or their appointed representative. After all no one knows the property better than the owner.